Ukraine Job Fair

Virtual Days launches new platform to help Ukrainian refugees into work
ukraine job fair

Virtual Days launches Ukraine Job Fair - A new platform to help Ukrainian refugees into work

In Sweden, there are 10,000s of Ukrainians who are waiting to enter the working
life, but find it difficult to get a job because of the language barrier. In a
unique collaboration between the tech startup company Virtual Days, the aid
organization Solidarity & Human Rights and the educational group Lernia, we now launch Ukraine Job Fair – an iniative to be able to help more ukrainans into the workforce. 

Statistics from the Swedish Migration Agency show that 40,000 Ukrainian refugees are in
Sweden today. Most of them are women and children who came here during the war. But getting a job has proven difficult, as up to 90% of the Ukrainian refugees lack knowledge of Swedish. 

– We have realized how difficult it is for them to navigate correctly among all the
authorities and support services to enter the Swedish labor market. We have
therefore started the work of creating an educational coordination
center in Ukrainian, English and Swedish to help Ukrainians looking for work. We call it the Ukraine Job Fair, says Björn Strand, co-founder of Virtual Days and initiator of the project.

Ukraine Job Fair – A joint initiative

Together with Solidarity & Human Rights, which consists of representatives from the
Red Cross, the Church of Sweden, Fryshuset, New Community, the Salvation Army and
War Child Sweden, Virtual Days has developed a virtual platform that will make
it easier to get more people into work through more flexible and smarter
processes and digital matching technology. The digital platform Ukraine Job
Fair is open all year round with the aim of matching Ukrainians in Sweden with
the right employer. A number of digital and physical live events are
held with recruiters offer them relevant jobs.  

The education company Lernia contributes hundreds of vacancies and recruiters to the initiative. Currently, over 1,000 Ukrainians have registered their profile in the platform
and over 300 relevant job advertisements are published. According to the mass
displacement directive, employers can apply for a grant and receive
compensation for up to 80% of salary costs.

Physical job fair on August 23 with Lernia and LinkedIn

On 23 August, the Ukraine Job Fair will also be held as a physical event in
Stockholm.  A week later, on August 31, the corresponding event is held digitally, which makes it possible for even more people to participate.

During the live event, Lernia presents how they help match workers with the right
employers and offers Ukrainian jobseekers speed-dating interviews with
professional recruiters. LinkedIn, which is also an important partner in the
project, is also on hand to help job seekers with tips on how they can use
LinkedIn’s platform to reach out to employers.

On August 31, the Ukraine Job Fair will take place digitally for all of Sweden and
thereafter the digital recruitment platform will be open digitally all year


For more info please contact Lina Högemark, CMO, Virtual Days / 073-693 09 73



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