How to Choose the Right Environment for Your Virtual Event?

Right Virtual Environment

Looking for a platform to gather a global audience? The question is to pick that perfect platform that seamlessly unites a global community and offers them a chance to build long-term connections. So, how do you pick the most suitable environment for your virtual events? The right virtual environment has an abundance of interactive features […]

How will a Presence within a Metaverse Strengthen Your Business?

display brand identity with branded webinars

Metaverse is the most sought-after solution for businesses that aim to go digital. If you wish for your business to expand globally within a matter of days, then moving to metaverse is all you need. It is the best strategy for engaging the consumer market online, gathering a global employee base at a single platform, […]

Show Off Your Campus Facilities with Virtual Open Day

Show Off Your Campus Facilities

Wondering how to score maximum admissions for your institute this year? The best way to encourage students to enroll in the available programs is by showcasing all your facilities. Mainly, interested students approach student advisers to guide them through. These advisors assist students with all their queries and complete aspects of their admissions to the […]

Role of Virtual Platform in Digital Onboarding of Remote Employees

digital onboarding of remote employees

Recently, remote hiring has become more popular among organizations than physical onboarding processes. Companies prefer having remote teams to expand their business operations. We cannot help but accept it as the new normal. In fact, working remotely from home is preferred and accepted by the employee base since routine travel is no longer necessary. But, with […]

How the Virtual Event Industry is Fighting for a Green Environment

go with green environment

The new world order is technology-driven. Generally, people wish to ease their lives with excessive machines and technology. However, not realizing that it comes with its own risks. Today, the threat of climate change is most alarming. However, with digitization, most industries have reshaped their practices to save the world from environmental catastrophes. For that […]

How to Create a Budget for a Digital Event?


Recently, digital events have shifted the focus from in-person event expenses. There are no expenses related to venue bookings, traveling costs, rentals, catering, and accommodation. But, saving on these bills does not mean we won’t have to deal with expenses on digital events. In fact, the emphasis on budgeting has increased more than ever. For […]

6 Major Mistakes to Avoid for Hybrid Events

Mistakes to Avoid for Hybrid Events

In recent years, the event industry has observed a rise in hybrid and virtual events. People now prefer an online representation of their brands. Precisely, it is the global reach and increased profits that encourage hybrid event models. Indeed, hybrid events are to dominate the future. Studies have shown that 73% of event planners admit that […]

How to Create Digital Sales Events and Digital Sales Rooms

digital sales events

Today, businesses rely on online platforms and software to continue routine sales. Using a digital event platform, the company presents its products and services online before a global consumer market. The virtual selling process creates a modern, remote buying experience for global potential buyers. For that matter, businesses now host digital sales events or even […]

7 Ideas for Setting Up Virtual Roundtables

Ideas for virtual roundtable

The year 2022 will be the year of online meetings for executives around the globe. Basically, it’s the gathering of business professionals, industry peers, and workforce over at an online platform. A virtual roundtable is about exchanging ideas online with global industry experts. For instance, the b2b dealings would take place in a blink without […]

The Benefits of Hosting Virtual Meetings


Wondering why businesses opt for virtual meetings? There are numerous outlined reasons for the virtual meetings to rise and thrive in the days to come. As previously observed, the pandemic discouraged mass gatherings of people at a physical location. Consequently, the corporate industry had to take suitable measures to get businesses up and running. As […]

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