Alumni Networking Event Ideas

An Alumni Networking Event or an Alumni Networking Job Fair is an online event that enables students and alumni to get access to recruiters.
alumni networking event

Nothing brings people together more than the chance to meet their old friends. Nostalgia is a powerful motivator for people to get out of their homes. This is why many companies and educational institutions hold Alumni Events. Furthermore, these events help attendees to create networks with other professionals. Before diving into Alumni Networking Event ideas, it is important to know what an alumni networking event is.

Alumni Networking Event

Virtual Alumni Networking is an online networking event that enables students and alumni to get access to recruiters on a global scale. These events are carried out on a virtual platform to engage students and alumni with recruiters to make lasting links in the corporate world. Alumni associations are a great way to start networking. Corporations hold these events on large-scale platforms to give like-minded people with a shared interest a place to interact. This further helps individuals to create business contacts for future use.

Benefits of the Alumni Network

These events help organizations by creating long-lasting relationships with former employees through strategic outreach. These events are a great place to make and foster networks between different corporations. Moreover, they are hubs for job opportunities for hopeful individuals as well as corporations looking for new members. The organizations hosting these events through virtual event platforms receive the biggest advantages. They can anoint brand ambassadors, bring about sales and partnership opportunities and engage with qualified referrals. Organizations provide communities and resources to former employees. While on the other hand, these companies receive a lot of brand advocacy, recruitment opportunities and overall development of the business. These events help organizations to promote their products and services.

Innovative Alumni Networking Event Ideas

These events are designed to provide a virtual environment in which alumni stay connected, amongst themselves and their respective organizations. Providing opportunities to the constituents to forge and grow stronger relationships among themselves. This is why most companies around the world have switched to online platforms to hold events. However, with the growing innovation, companies need new ideas to make their event unique. Following are a few tips:

Host Fun Events

The main purpose of these events is to forge connections and create business relationships. However, that does not mean that the events can’t be fun or interactive. Corporations can entertain alumni by hosting online gaming events. Not only with this help create relationships at a faster pace but it will also bring healthy competition into the event. This will motivate people to attend and engage more, with each other and with the corporations. Furthermore, these events build and foster team spirit and highlight the importance of teamwork. The winners of these events can be given mementos by the company.

Virtual Movie Nights

According to the specific generation, corporations can host online movie nights on a virtual platform. When people of the same generation, get together on a single platform and watch a movie that was important for their generation, it builds strong bonds. This will encourage the alumni to forge stronger and more intimate relationships with each other and the corporation. Playing off of the emotions of the attendees, corporations can get the maximum benefits out of the event. Moreover, when these people are in a good, happy mood, they are much more likely to engage in conversations. Therefore, forming long-lasting business relationships and partnerships will be much easier.

Online Fundraising Auctions

While planning events for older alumni, companies can host online auctions to get their attention. All the funds gathered at the auction could be utilized either by giving it to charity or improving the campuses. Encourage alumni to talk amongst themselves and the corporation to get the maximum benefits. Not only would it be a fun activity to engage the alumni with, but it will also bring a sense of charity. Corporations can offer distinct auction items which they feel would be cherished by the alumni. Moreover, events like these provide a great platform for people to network and socialize. At the same time, they are entertained and have a great time. By using Virtual Fundraising Ideas 2021, corporations can make their charity events much more interesting.

Host Webinars with Famous Alumni as Guest Speakers

Inviting famous alumni to speak to their fellows is another great idea that can be introduced into online alumni events. Webinars are a great way to host such events as they are very interactive. Organizing events around motivational and popular alumni would create a sense of pride in the other alums, increasing attendance and fundraising. Moreover, these speakers are great marketing tools as well as they can encourage other alums to engage with the corporation. Interesting speeches are always appealing and would be a great way to ensure that a virtual event is successful.

Host an Online Concert

One thing that people have missed the most during the pandemic is the ability to attend concerts. If corporations can add an online concert, especially for the alumnus, it would be very beneficial. The alumni would enjoy such an event and engage more freely with everyone else. Music has a way of bringing people together and forging long-lasting relationships. These relationships would further pave the way for mutually beneficial business relationships and partnerships. Moreover, all the funds generated for the event can be utilized by the corporation at its own discretion.

Speed Networking

Organizing speed networking events is another great innovation. It gives newer graduates an opportunity to network with older alumni. The older alumni could be used to hold talks that would engage the younger alumni. Not only will this create a level of respect between all the parties involved but it will also, create lasting bonds. Enabling companies to recruit graduates that are approved by older alumni will ensure that the new recruit is an asset to the company. Moreover, this entire process makes recruiting and hiring individuals a lot easier and time-saving.


The ultimate goal for corporations should be hosting events that are informative, relevant, and interesting to the attending alumni. Not only will this increase attendance, but it will also help the alumni forge business contacts with the corporation and other attending alumni. With all other major corporations introducing such events into their framework, companies need innovative alumni networking event ideas to set themselves apart.

Author | Zoha Junaid



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