6 Major Mistakes to Avoid for Hybrid Events

Mistakes to Avoid for Hybrid Events

In recent years, the event industry has observed a rise in hybrid and virtual events. People now prefer an online representation of their brands. Precisely, it is the global reach and increased profits that encourage hybrid event models. Indeed, hybrid events are to dominate the future. Studies have shown that 73% of event planners admit that hybrid events would be more common among businesses worldwide. So, why are event planners still inclined towards hosting attendees online? Clearly, digital events help score a larger target audience, drive conversions, and tap on event progress more effectively.

So, let us take careful steps towards combining on-site and virtual experiences for our audiences. 

Firstly, it is important to effectively organize and execute the event processes to reap the most benefits. If not planned well, hybrid events are likely to disappoint you. So, why risk your efforts? In the process of pulling off a successful event, organizers usually make some basic mistakes. Therefore, you should thoroughly plan your events to avoid any pitfalls. 


Going about the hybrid events unprepared is in itself a blunder. Unfortunately, event organizers and virtual assistants have observed a number of mistakes repeated over time. Let us have a look at some observed pitfalls during hybrid events. 


  • Neglecting rehearsals
  • Disregarding online attendees
  • Self-managing the event
  • Technical issues
  • Lack of online support
  • Poor broadcast quality 
  • Unprepared speakers 
  • Poor time management
  • Densely packed content 
  • Untrained sponsors and exhibitors 
  • Disregard for a virtual platform 

We often disregard practice for virtual segments of our hybrid events. However, physical and virtual event planning is equally important. Everything should be tested and practiced before the final event release. All this hassle is to avoid embarrassing yourself during the live event because it is always better to be safe than sorry. Traditionally, event organizers put all their sweat into testing lights, sounds, projectors, designing, and branding. In contrast, hybrid events demand a top hand efficiency towards examining technicalities and functionalities for both virtual and physical elements. Nevertheless, It is not possible to discuss all mistakes here. Therefore, here is a list of the six major mistakes to avoid for hybrid events.


The basic mistake that event planners make is taking on too many responsibilities. You might be able to manage the on-site event but overburden yourself with handling the online aspects. This is where you are doing it all wrong. 

As of now, virtual and hybrid events are in demand. Considering the need, virtual event platforms allow hosting successful hybrid events. Also, these feature-enriched platforms ease the process of combining remote and on-site audiences. For instance, virtual platforms take over the hassle of broadcasting the live event to remote audiences and facilitate meaningful interactions. Moreover, their support team guides you through the event with all the technicalities and operations. 

Therefore, it is important to have experts on board. These virtual assistants help set up the entire event and execute it with perfection.


People often stay busy preparing the entire event before deadlines. But, they forget about the real deal. Practice makes a man perfect is something neglected while preparing for an event. It may seem easy to onboard double the number of people. However, if you are not well-rehearsed, all your effort will go to waste. 


  • Test every technicality and functionality of both audiences
  • Organize your content, videos, and materials 
  • Define roles of hosts, moderators, and facilitators
  • Brief virtual tech team with their roles 
  • Prepare polls, questions, and attendee engagement 
  • Prepare and proofread keynote speeches

When the event is well-rehearsed, it reduces the guesswork and assumptions for attendees. Also, with no surprises, the audience is well immersed in the segments of your hybrid event. Finally, your online and on-site audience is engaged accordingly.


Technical issues have remained constant through physical or virtual events. Many technicalities come into play here, from setting up the mic to broadcasting the on-site presentations online. In fact, there are possible issues that may arise, such as; WiFi interruptions, laptops crashing, or on-site electricity power out. For that matter, you should be well prepared and equipped to face all the technical issues. Make sure you follow the checklist before heading live:


  • Onboard technical support team 
  • Arrange audio/visual equipment
  • Fulfill infrastructure requirements 
  • Run a technical check prior to the event 
  • Send equipment to your remote presenters

Although, virtual events platforms offer the best technical support to get your events up and running. All the hybrid event aspects are carefully considered and attended by your third-party virtual platform. So, do not miss out on the chance to reduce your labor and headache.


Mainly, speakers are not well prepared to address a specific audience type. Engaging the attendees through speech is the first step in the right direction. For instance, if the speaker is presenting on-site, they should also interact with the online audience. They must not forget the presence of an online attendee base. 

So, in order to overcome any disturbing situation. First, it is important to brief speakers about the nature of your event. Then, train them with the art of addressing on-site and remote audiences alike. Also, familiarize them with each segment, share keynote speech material, and send them the equipment required for the event. In some cases, it is better to run a rehearsal event to make sure all the speakers have familiarized themselves with hybrid event features. 


Your online audience base might be double in number than the on-site attendees. So, naturally, you have more responsibility to include them throughout the event. In fact, regarding their online presence through tea breaks is the kind of gesture your attendees expect. We understand that hospitality for the audience means the world to you. But, circling around the on-site attendees isn’t how you win at hybrid events. 

Rather, make sure your on-site and online attendees engage with each other through chat portals, meeting schedulers, or audio/video conferencing options. So, regarding and including the online audience is as important for your business as the event’s purpose. Of course, you wish for them to represent your brand before the world positively. So, work on your commitment to kick off a hybrid event.


Scheduling things for the hybrid event and strictly following it is one way to ensure the success of your event. Most importantly, managing time for the physical event is the real deal. Your speakers or attendees might not be habitual of following the time. So, sending out reminders and checking up on the speakers is essential to managing the overall event time. Also, because the online audience has to log into the event, they would be ready to join in right on time. 

To overcome this, appoint event hosts to make sure each segment runs smoothly on time. In fact, make sure you have an in-person and online host. The virtual emcee is essential to help online audiences navigate the event. Thus, the live and online emcee would ensure everything broadcasts smoothly and in time. 


Let’s face it, event planners are not well-trained or equipped to handle hybrid events. Therefore, a hybrid events platform can save your business and help you focus on mistakes to avoid for hybrid events. So, having a team manage your entire on-site and virtual event is the only sane way to go about this. 

VirtualDays – is considered the top hybrid events platform, aiding businesses worldwide to run successful virtual and hybrid events. So, do you wish to represent your brand before a global audience? If yes, then a hybrid event is the right choice! So, turn to Lanseria and watch us build a memorable hybrid event for you. Also check the complete guide to hybrid events.

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