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The current pandemic has everyone questioning big gatherings, be it at a wedding or a business conference. By making virtual events accessible worldwide, you communicate to your audiences that you are concerned about their safety and health. In fact, your business will face attention from across the globe with physical barriers gone. Online presence is what it takes to step ahead of your competitors and dominate the market. So, why not follow a set of practical virtual event ideas to grow your business online and present to a global audience?

This year the corporate sector has organized its major events online. Amazingly, the event features remote speakers and a global audience that made a lasting impression. So now the industry peers and the marketplace is talking about your business. It all seems like a dream come true. However, the goal is to receive conversions and maximum revenue from your business by following the best ideas to grow your business using virtual events. Also, check the ultimate guide to hosting a virtual event.

Virtual Event Ideas to Grow Your Business

Virtual events have proved beneficial for growing businesses worldwide. These events prove to be the business model nowadays only if thoroughly tested and executed correctly. Let’s check how;

Pre-plan Your Virtual Business Event

The success of your business event depends on an elaborate plan. First, you can determine which practices from your physical events will be applied while incorporating digital tools. That is how you make your virtual event unique and memorable for the attendees. Before organization, you need to consider all the aspects of promoting, marketing, and scheduling the events. Most importantly, it would be best to work on engagement strategies that would indulge your audiences’ interests in the products and services.

Hosting a product launch, trade show, or virtual exhibition is advised to market your products worldwide. You not only achieve maximized revenue but also build some long-term connections with industry peers. So, carefully design your event with unique customized displays of the exhibit booths, lobbies, and halls. Moreover, you can create customized webinar agendas to present your products and services to a large number of attendees. They can engage in Q&As or live chats with the organizers and exhibitors to learn more about your company. Thus, an immersive virtual event would present an impressive image of your business outside. These ideas to grow your business are regarded and accepted worldwide.

Plans help visualize the end result. Thus it is advised to prepare your virtual conference, meeting, or trade shows well in advance. Chalk out a checklist and make sure you attend to the reservations beforehand.

Promote Your Virtual Event Globally 

How would you like to receive global attention towards your products and services? You will be in the seventh sky, right? This dream is becoming a reality with virtual events in practice. But first, you need to get the word out for your virtual business event. Wondering how? Pick all the social media channels for promoting your business culture. Use virtual event teaser with your company standees, videos and images and create social media posts prior to your event. Use maximum social media platforms such as;

Get all the hype you need for your virtual business event. That is how you grab the attention of your target audiences residing in remote parts of the world. So why not put all your fingers into promotion and marketing? Use the following other mediums to spread the word for your virtual event.

You can promote your keynote speakers, webinar sessions, and other segments through social media and other marketing platforms. In short, give as much as you can to grab the attention of your target audiences.

Create Dynamic Content Featuring Your Brand

After entering the event, your event’s content is the next most important aspect. To make the business event engaging, include a welcome video in the lobby. Your video content should be representative of your brand and company goals. Also, the use of 3D animations, graphics, and company logos would help people relate to your content. Likewise, you can also arrange for demonstration videos, flyers, catalogs, and many more resources at the vault. Finally, your webinar sessions are another way you can familiarize the audiences with your company culture.

The platform allows you to set up live, semi-live or pre-recorded webinar sessions for the attendees to access at their convenience. Your virtual events platform is the real game-changer as it also offers on-demand hosting for a more flexible viewing experience. Furthermore, you can send out alerts and notifications to keep attendees informed and indulged in the event. All these components together help display your branding to remote audiences. Not just that, the content you share on the social media platforms is also representative of your company culture. Thus, following the best ideas to grow your business works in favour of the corporate sector.

Engage Audiences and Encourage Networking

If you wish for people to speak about your event before the outside world, then encourage networking. Engagement and networking at the virtual business event would allow audiences to be interested in your product and services. They would engage in your products and invest their money. Likewise, a virtual platform allows networking in the form of live chat, be it 1:1 or group text chats. There’s also this option to engage in audio or video conferencing. Also, you can set up an event leaderboard and allow audiences to take action during the event. Moreover, you can engage audiences with live Q&A and polls to encourage participation from in-active audiences.

Another way to keep audiences interested in the event is through encouraging healthy competition with scavenger hunts or trivia games. A recreational addition works best during or at the end of the event.

Track Event Success with Metrics Report

Before getting on with your event, you should be aware of your goals, objectives, and expectations from the event. If your goals are not identified, it would be difficult for you to determine if your event was a success. Therefore, it is recommended to set achievable goals. Keep a count on the following;

Follow Best Practices in Future 

After your event is over, some metrics help determine if it was a success. You could adopt what worked for you if the event turned out as expected. You should remember and implement the content because your audiences responded well to it. The pressure to pull off a successful business event each time can be challenging. Therefore, it would be best to note what worked best and follow it in your future events.

To Summarize

How practical are your ideas to grow your business? The success can be measured post-event by the overall ROIs or leads generated. A global audience provides you with a great opportunity to earn as many leads as possible. Once your event goes live, there is a chance to grab the global attention you’ve been waiting for. Virtual Days Platform welcomes organizations to host their business events with us.

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